Terms and Conditions

Our thanks for intending to buy a Porventura product.

Before the acquisition takes place, through our website www.porventura.pt, please read about our conditions of delivery described in the Terms and Conditions.



The salesperson is committed to correct all the defects resultant from conception, execution or installation by itself, except on the following cases:

The salesperson’s obligation doesn’t apply if the flaw results from unsuitable conditions of installation or use, of the buyer’s responsibility.

The warranty’s period starts on the date of the product’s delivery to the address chosen by the buyer.

To benefit from the warranty offered by the salesperson, the buyer, after verification of the defect that he imputes to the delivery, must inform the salesperson committing it to paper if the initial communication was spoken. The buyer must mention the references and the details indispensable to a quick evaluation by the salesperson of the flaw.

After being informed, the salesperson must provide the correction of the defect, with all diligence and at its own responsibility.

The responsibility of the salesperson ends when it reaches the value of the product, before taxes. The refund will be made, in the same sort of the payment’s, until 10 (ten) days after the receipt of the returned product.



The returns, for complaints due to flaw resultant from conception, execution or installation by the salesman, or transport incidents, will be done until 14 (fourteen) days after the date of delivery, and require the prior acceptance of the salesperson about sending the product to overhaul, made by the salesperson. After the acceptance, the product must be returned in the original package in good conditions, so that it may be used again. The buyer should keep the transport’s return receipt, in order to receive the refund of the expedition costs.

The return of the product that, although remaining in a good condition, shows signs of use, won’t be accepted. The buyer is responsible for the arrival of the product in the same conditions as it was received.

The returns, due to buying regret, must be done until 5 (five) days after the date of delivery. The refund will be done, after confirmation of the article’s good condition, in the same sort of the payment’s, until 10 (ten) days after the receipt.



The public selling prices are always expressed in euros and refer to products delivered in the salesperson facilities. In case the expedition is made by the salesperson, and if there’s nothing stipulated otherwise, the expedition is made against payment at the arrival by the buyer.

To countries of the European Union (EU) the prices contain the Portuguese VAT of 23 %, and don’t contain custom taxes.

The prices include packaging, common in land transportation.

To countries outside the European Union (EU), the prices don’t include VAT, but there may be additional taxes in the destination’s country, to be paid by the buyer. The packages are not included on the price, in transport by sea or other special transportation. In these cases, all transport operations, insurance and custom expenses, are imputed to the buyer and the delivery takes place at its own risk.

In case the expedition is provided by the salesman, and if there’s nothing stipulated otherwise, it should be made against payment, when received. The packaging isn’t to be returned to the salesperson.

The payment should be made by Visa or American Express credit card, or through bank wire, for the liquid value, according to the sales condition, before the product leaves our facilities.

All the banking information provided is collected safely and isn’t revealed to any external organization or to a third party.



It is expressly excluded the responsibility of the salesperson for any damage or loss, personal or material, caused to the buyer or a third party, even accidental, while using the purchased product, or resulting from conservation efforts. We refer in particular, for security issues regarding people and goods, to products that, due to size and weight, should be fixed to the wall.



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In case of litigation, and if a friendly agreement isn’t reached, it is expressly established that all litigations referring contracts settled with the buyer, in Portugal, will be solved exclusively by the courts of justice of the judicial district of Lisbon, excluding any other, even in the case of appeal or plurality of litigants.

In case of a buyer abroad, the litigation will be submitted to the United Nations’ convention laws of international merchandise sales’ contracts.